Can't stop loving You

KILIAN Paris crafts In Can't stop loving You a true love declaration: a perfume celebrating love, just in time for Valentine's Day..

Created by our founder Kilian Hennessy in collaboration with perfumer Alberto Morillas, this brand-new perfume enters the Narcotics olfactive family with, at the centerpiece Orange Blossom, a symbol of eternal love. Alongside with Paradisone, an ethereal jasmine compound suggests pure paradise. Its heart is incredibly suave, featuring Honey absolute from Provence for a delicious French touch. Vanilla absolute from Madagascar adds a doubly gourmand Incitement to pleasure, while notes of Oak Moss bring an earthy intensity. Incense extract from Somalia lends sensuality, volume and endless mystery. Both luminous and somber, Can't stop loving You is a narcotic floral fragrance that puts peace in danger.


Can't Stop Loving You Can't Stop Loving You
50ml Refillable Perfume