A timeless masterpiece: The Murano Carafe


Commemorating more than 15 years of luxury fragrance innovation, KILIAN PARIS is proud to present a one-of-a-kind masterpiece: the Murano Carafe. An exceptional creation blending quality handcraftsmanship, timeless tradition, and modern luxury.



Driven by our unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of luxury, KILIAN PARIS has collaborated with one of the most esteemed, historical and respected glass masters in Murano, The Seguso family. This House is among the oldest glass-making dynasties on the island with a legacy dating back 23 generations since 1397.




The rigorous process of creating each KILIAN PARIS Murano Carafe first includes glassblowing. The glass master methodically shapes the molten glass into the desired form, carefully turning it over metal plates. As the bottle takes shape, the glassblower gently breathes life into it, creating intricate twists and turns.

The bottle is placed into a metal cast and heated to precisely conform to the fragrance's mold. Then comes the artistry in detail as the bottle's neck is carefully cut and the entire piece undergoes a 24-hour cooling process in a specialized oven. Lastly, final touches are made by polishing the bottle to perfection and golden details are added with finesse.



Discover this ultra-limited collection collectible exclusively in our boutiques and get the privilege to own one of the hundred endlessly refillable KILIAN PARIS Murano Carafe, a creation that embodies our essence - where art, tradition, and luxury converged to create a timeless masterpiece.

To discover more about The Murano Carafe, please book your appointment at the nearest Kilian Paris Boutique.